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An Introduction to Home Door Installation

July 04, 2016

For many first-time DIYers, installing a new home door can be a complex task. From preparing the proper tools to use and selecting the best product for your home, to determining what permits are required and more, there are many things to think about when preparing for your first installation.

But with a brief introduction to the process, you can be a pro in no time! Here’s a good place to start with your upcoming home door installation. First, determine the following items needed prior to installation:

  1. Skills – Do I understand my manufacturer’s installation guide (a.k.a. the terminology used)? Does the door jamb need to be replaced, too? Do I have the proper carpentry skills needed to complete the project?
  2. Permits – What are the required permits in my city/region for this type of installation? How do I obtain them? 
  3. Products – What are my options for home door products? Which are the most trusted manufacturers? Which products will work best with my type of home?
  4. Tools – What tools and safety gear will I need? Will I need to rent or buy new tools for this particular installation?
  5. Materials – What materials and hardware is required?
  6. Time – Do I have the time needed to dedicate to this project? Do I have the manpower needed to get this done quickly and effectively?

Start by asking yourself these important questions. Then, download our helpful checklist—“Your Getting Started Checklist: Home Door Installation Edition”—and see the answers to these questions in detail.

Getting Started Checklist: Home Door Installation

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