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Strategic Planning for Your Upcoming Home-Improvement Project

October 09, 2016

No matter what your upcoming DIY project may be, whether it be installing a custom door or replacing your old roof shingles, having a strategic plan before diving in head first is a surefire way to set it up for success. Here are a few items to consider when planning for your next home-improvement project:

If you’re a first-time DIYer, you’re likely already doing your homework and researching a bunch of information for your project. Make sure that you include the following on your list of things to research:

  • Required permits – If you are doing any project that directly affects the envelope of your home, it’s crucial that you have the proper permit prior to installation. Each region is different and has varying codes that must be adhered to, so check with your local building department to avoid any unexpected fines or fees.
  • Costs – Research the many costs associated with your project, including products, materials, tools and any other supplies that may be needed. Then, create a realistic budget that has a small cushion for any added costs that may come up along the way.
  • Quality products – Although it’s important to create a budget and stick to it, if there is a high-quality product that’s out of your price range but may be a better investment, consider using that one instead.

Taking measurements may seem like a no-brainer, but it can often be overlooked or roughly estimated while preparing for a DIY project—which can be problematic later on. Between different manufacturers, some products have slightly different measurement options, so it’s important to ensure yours are completely accurate before making a purchase. This is especially important for projects like trim and moulding installation, home door installation, and more.

Another important factor to consider is the amount of time it will take to complete this project efficiently. Indoor jobs (like installing crown moulding or an interior door) can be spread out over a few days if necessary, but outdoor jobs (like installing roofing or a front door) need to be handled with a time limit in mind. Consider your availability and ensure that your schedule works with the amount of time is required for your specific project.

If you’re completing an outdoor installation in Florida, you can expect some sudden and unsuspecting rainshowers or storms throughout the process. Although some of these changes in weather can be predicted, be prepared for those that seem to come out of nowhere. A good recommendation would be to complete the project as early in the morning as possible during non-summer months to avoid extreme heat and heavy rainfall.

Another way to stay on top of your project is to physically write out your plans from start to finish, including where product pieces will go and what each of their measurements will be. This will help prevent any mistakes during the installation process.

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