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Understanding Your Window Options

June 06, 2016

When deciding on new windows to put in your home, it’s important to know what your options are before going with the first ones that just look pretty or seem the cheapest. There are many other factors to consider and a wide range of choices between brands, styles and more. Here are a few details about what each choice of window can mean for your installation project.

Popular window types include:

  • Single-Hung – Single-hung windows feature one stationary section on the top and one operating section on the bottom that moves up and down. They are designed to stay within the frame so that they don’t protrude inward or out.
  • Double-Hung – This type of window features two sashes that slide up and down, and open from either the top or bottom. Similar to single-hung windows, double-hung windows are also designed to move while staying within the frame.
  • Picture – Picture windows come in a wide range of sizes and styles, and are the best option for those wanting to let in the most amount of natural light as possible.
  • Stationary – This type of window is solely for letting in light. It does not open, but is generally easily customizable for any shape or angle you prefer.
  • Casement – Casement windows are left- or right-hinged windows that open with a manual crank mechanism.
  • Slider – This window type has a minimum of one functioning window that slides over or past a second, stationary window. They are generally designed to open outward.
  • Bay/Bow – These types of windows are typically a combination of windows (i.e. one stationary, two double-hung or casements) protrude out with the siding of the house, providing lots of interior space.
  • Transom – This window type is classically very narrow and can be either stationary or operating, depending on preference.
  • Awning – Awning windows are hinged at the top and open to the outside, letting in air from the sides or bottom.

Popular window brands (all of which are FL Home Supply-featured brands) include:

  • Kolbe Windows & Doors
  • PGT Industries
  • MI Windows & Doors
  • Anderson Windows & Doors
  • Custom Window Systems
  • YKK AP
  • Hy-Lite Products, Inc.
  • Atrium Windows & Doors

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Getting Started Checklist: Home Windows Installation

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